Tennessee Valley Professional Land Surveyors

  • 26 Sep 2016
  • 11:30 AM
  • Fraternal Order of Eagles # 3263, 2500 10th St. (corner of Bob Wallace Ave. & 10th St.), Huntsville, AL

Tennessee Valley Professional Land Surveyors (TVPLS)

A chapter of the Alabama Society of Professional Land Surveyors (ASPLS)

Meeting requested by: Phillip E. Wilbanks, PLS; Ph. Or Text 256-337-3053.

TVPLS is holding a lunch meeting (in dining room next to the kitchen) Monday September 26th, 2016 at 11:30 AM: Location: Fraternal Order of Eagles # 3263, door is open on the North Side of Building; address: 2500 10th St. (corner of Bob Wallace Ave. & 10th St.), Huntsville, AL;

Your attendance is requested to discuss the Proposed Standards of Practice (SOP) the latest Revision as we know it today see Attached. Also to see if there are any revisions we would like added or taken away to the Proposed Revisions.

A few Topics for discussion:

  • 1.       ASPLS adopted a set of Rules on “2-28-2014” for the “Standards of Practice Committee” to follow. ASPLS SOP Committee meeting shall be behind “Closed-Doors”.
  • 2.       An excerpt is “No member of the committee may disseminate any draft copies, any excerpts of any drafts, or provide any information whatsoever about drafts discussed in committee to anyone other than Committee members until the final draft is presented to the Board.”
  • 3.       Was the Proposed Revisions acted on by the right committee? Why was the Membership banished from the meetings? What are they trying to hide?
  • 4.       According to the ASPLS presidents message in the fall 2016 issue of “Turning Points”, if you don’t agree with the proposed changes you are a “DISGRUNTLED MEMBER”.
  • 5.       I believe he has been following the Presidential race too close when Hillary said Trump supporters are “deplorable”.  
  • 6.       What Revisions do we want, if any, added or taken away?
  • 7.       We have 10 days prior to the Wednesday October 19th Membership Meeting to let our voices be heard in this matter.
  • 8.       It appears they have made their minds up and want accept any suggestions unless they please the committee.
  • 9.       We will discuss other options that we have.



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